Economic Development Committee

Milton Economic Development Committee (MEDC)


The Economic Development Committee is appointed by the Mayor and approved by Town Council to advise and make recommendations on matters related to economic development in the Town of Milton.


The vision of the Milton Economic Development Committee is a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable economic environment within the Town of Milton.


The mission of the Milton Economic Development Committee is to recommend to Town Council plans of action to grow and support economic activity in the Town.

This will be done in a way that:

  • Ensures the needs of residents are met.
  • Takes advantage of the historic and natural assets of the Town.
  • Considers ways to incentivize development.  


Membership and Subcommittees:

Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Town Council. The members of the Economic Development Committee are:

  • Bob Howard – Chairman
  • Charlie Fleetwood – Town Council Liaison
  • Michael Clark
  • James Crellin
  • Alex Donnan
  • Michela Coffaro
  • Damalier Molina


The Economic Development Committee from time to time appoints subcommittees to work on specific issues outside the EDC meetings.  The subcommittees gather data and make recommendations for action to the full EDC.  They then are usually charged with implementation of those actions.  There are currently two active subcommittees, Advisory and Sustainability.


Advisory Subcommittee:  The Economic Development Committee receives guidance from an advisory committee made up of individuals who own, run, or hold a key position in a business in Milton.  The purpose of this subcommittee is to advise and inform the EDC members of economic development opportunities they identify from a business-owners’ perspective.  In addition, they give guidance to ongoing EDC activities, as appropriate.

The Advisory Subcommittee members are:

  • Tom Jones
  • Richard Reed
  • Glenn Howard
  • Mark Carter


Sustainability Subcommittee: The Economic Development Committee established a subcommittee on Sustainability in the spring of 2015. Members of the committee believe that it is an important topic for the future of Milton; that sustainability issues impact the economy of the town, its citizens, and local businesses; and that it will make Milton a more attractive community to visitors and potential residents.

The Subcommittee’s purpose is the conservation of our resources and the establishment of Milton as a destination for Sustainability as an example of what can be done by individuals and town government.

  • Chairperson – Michela Caffaro
  • Chairperson – Lou Colon
  • Secretary – John King
  • Member – Bob Howard
  • Member – Marie Mayor

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