Public Works Department

Water Department
The Water Department supplies drinking water to approximately 2600 residents, town businesses, and its visitors. The Department is required to make sure that the water meets all the standards set forth by the Delaware Office of Drinking Water and Environmental Protection Agency.The Department’s primary goal is to provide clean, safe drinking water at all times. An additional benefit of this consistent supply is the ability to provide water, at pressure, for use in fire protection.

The hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., from Monday through Friday. For Water Emergencies, contact Greg Wingo (302) 462-1775.

If you choose to have your irrigation metered separately please contact Town Hall at 302-684-4110. Usage going through an irrigation meter will not be charged to your waste water bill.

The Public Works Department is also responsible for maintaining the streets within the municipality. There are 11.84 miles of municipally-owned streets in the Town of Milton – in addition to several miles of roads that are maintained by the State of Delaware Department of Transportation. Responsibilities of the Streets Department include snow plowing, removing debris or limbs hanging over or in the streets, and assisting contractors with the repair of street surfaces.

Parks and Recreation
One of the Town of Milton’s greatest assets is its beautiful parks. With the help of the Public Works Department and its partners in the Milton Garden Club, Milton Memorial Park, Mill Park, Governors Walk and our other open public places are kept mowed and clean.

The State of Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife maintains the two boat launching ramps and three parking areas in the Town of Milton. The construction and maintenance of these ramps, docks and attached parking areas is funded through fishing and boat licenses, as well as excise taxes on sporting equipment and fuel sold at docks. As such, the use of these facilities may be limited to licensed boats and anglers.

Greg Wingo, Public Works Supervisor
John Koerkel, Public Works Operator
Robert Wilson, Public Works Operator
Eric Darby, Public Works Operator
Christopher Parsons, Public Works Operator

Public Services not provided by the Town of Milton
Electric power is provided by Delmarva Power & Light.
Wastewater services are provided by Tidewater Utilities.