Water Utility Documents

Consumer Confidence reports are published annually and provide much detail about results from testing for contaminants monitored the the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Delaware Division of Public Health, Office of Drinking Water. Reports for the prior calendar year are issued every May.

Facilities Planning
The Town of Milton operates a system of water main and service lines to bring safe and clean drinking water to each home and business within the town limits. The water is produced from three active wells and treated with chlorine and fluoride at one plant. Storage in two water towers provides reserve capacity, pressure for the entire system and fire suppression capability. In order to continue providing reliable service, plans for maintenance, emergencies and growth must be made.

In 2012, an update to the 2008 Water Facilities Plan was reviewed. This review shall serve as a reference when making decisions related to capital improvements.

Water Conservation
The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control regulates the quantity of water that is taken from aquifers. If an effort to better manage this limited resource, the Division of Water receives reports of daily drinking water well production. The Division has established a conservation goal of public water systems using an average that does not exceed 100 gallons, per person per day for all types of use and water loss events.

In 2012, the Town of Milton embarked on an ambitious plan to reduce consumption to meet this goal. This goal was met in April 2013. The overall plan and the step-by-step “march” towards this milestone achievement are detail in the “Plan” below – and the Water Utility Periodic Reports.

The first quarter 2013 water meter reading revealed that the Town of Milton has achieved its Water Conservation Goal! Read the report that follows:

Water Utility Periodic Reports

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