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Request for Proposal: Promotional Tag Line and Graphic

Date Posted: Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

Request for Proposals

Promotional Tag Line and Graphic

Town of Milton, Delaware




The Economic Development Committee (EDC) of the Town of Milton is seeking proposals from communications and branding firms. Our goal is to create a tag line and visual mark that celebrates the town’s personality, history, and natural beauty as a tool for engaging and attracting new residents, businesses, and tourists.




Over the course of its long history, Milton has worn many identities. Over time, the settlement at the head of the Broadkill River has been known as a seasonal home and trading place of the Lenni Lenape and Nanticoke peoples, a builder of wooden schooners, a manufacturer of oyster shell buttons, a major producer of holly Christmas wreaths, and the home of a large vegetable cannery.


Today, Milton is a town of wonderful variety. It is known as the home of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and of the Milton Theater, a live performance venue with offerings that range from classical music to drag shows.  Milton proudly displays a statue of the English Poet, John Milton, and a steampunk treehouse from Burning Man. The Milton Garden Club is one of the town’s most active organizations – as is the Volunteer Fire Department. A comics and collectibles store stands proudly next to our public library. And the town is a haven for cyclists and artists, kayakers and musicians.


Unlike the nearby towns of Rehoboth Beach (“Where fun is always in season”) and Lewes (“The First Town in the First State”), which promote their oceanside location and colonial history respectively, Milton’s identity is a bit harder to summarize. When a town has as many stories to tell as Milton does, it can be hard to know which one it should be telling.   That’s why we need your help.


A Request for Proposals


The Town of Milton Economic Development Committee is looking for a creative partner to develop a tag line to promote the town, along with an accompanying graphic.  The graphic can include the tag line within it, or it can be designed to accompany or support it.


Please submit a brief proposal for our consideration.  Outline how you would approach the task (research, interviews, focus groups, etc.), a timeline, and pricing. Please also submit samples of work for our consideration. Once we review the initial proposals, we will schedule Zoom conversations to learn more. Deadline: February 1, 2023. Please submit proposals to:

Town of Milton

Attn: Barry Goodinson

115 Federal St.

Milton, DE 19968