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Historic Preservation Commission

Established by Ordinance of The Town Council of the Town of Milton, Codified under Section 220-21 Of the Municipal Code.

The Zoning Code of the Town of Milton, as amended and approved, establishes a Historic Preservation Overlay District. Within that district, it is acknowledged that the heritage and economic well-being of the Town is strengthened by preserving Milton’s architectural and historic resources and promoting the use of the district for the education, pleasure and welfare of both Milton citizens and visitors.

The Historic District “overlays” other zoning districts, such as the Town Center District. Before the construction, alteration, moving or demolition of a structure into or out of the Historic District is permitted, the owner or agent must file with the Town of Milton Project Coordinator an application for permission – by and through the Historic Preservation Commission.

The current members and terms of the Historic Preservation Commission are as follows:

  • Dennis Hughes, Chair – Term Expires April 2023
  • William Pritchett – Term Expires April 2024
  • Michael Filicko – Term Expires April 2025
  • Barbara Wagner – Term Expires April 2025
  • P.D. Camenisch  – Term Expires April 2025
  • Allen Benson – Term Expires April 2024
  • Diane Hake- Term expires April 2023

The Commission members are recommended by the Mayor and confirmed by the Town Council to serve a three year term. The Project Coordinator shall act as an ex officio member, but shall have no voting rights or powers.

All Site Plans in the Historic Overlay District reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission shall be forwarded to the Historic Preservation Commission after receiving preliminary Site Plan Approval. Minor repairs and a change of paint color may not require review. Detailed procedures and deadlines for applicants may be found in Section 220-21 of the Municipal Code.

Meetings of the Historic Preservation Commission are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. All meetings are open to the public. Meeting notices are posted on the town web site and the bulletin board at 101 Federal Street. Contact the Project Coordinator at 115 Federal Street, Milton, DE 19968 for assistance.

Guides to Rehabilitation in the Historic District: