Milton Delaware


Police Overview

To report a NON-EMERGENCY: (302) 855-2980


The Milton Police Department’s administrative team is directly supervised by the Chief of Police, Derrick Harvey

Public Information Office

The Milton Police Department recognizes the right of the public to be fully and accurately informed in all matters of public safety and is aware that the news media is responsible for providing this information to the public. Our goal is to maintain a relationship with the members of the news media that is based upon trust, cooperation and mutual interest. To accomplish this goal, the department provides complete and accurate information, within legal and investigatory limits, to all accredited media representatives.

The Public Information Office is responsible for coordinating the News Release information to the media representatives. When information cannot be released, due to legal and/or investigative reasons, they make every effort to provide the media with the requested information as soon as it becomes available.


Contact Us:
Derrick Harvey, Chief of Police
101 Federal Street
Milton, DE 19968
(302) 684-8547 phone
(302) 684-8046 fax


Please Note: Do not contact us via email for an Emergency as email may not be checked for up to 72 hours. This form can be sent completely anonymously. But if you wish to have the Police Department contact you, please include your email address, phone numbers or other identifying information.

To file a compliment or complaint please use the form below.

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