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Reduce the Use of Plastic Water Bottles


The 7 Sins of Bottled Water


  1.  Plastic bottles are made from petroleum.


  1. The bottles often go into the trash, rather than the recycle bin (in part because many states don’t offer five-cent deposits to encourage recycling, as they do on soda and beer cans and bottles).


  1. The water is pumped far from where it is sold, creating needless pollution as trucks and barges transport it across the country or around the world.


  1. Some local communities have objected to the sale of their water, arguing that the water underground or flowing from natural springs is publicly owned and should not be exploited for profit.


  1. Bottled water is rarely as closely monitored as tap water.


  1. Tap water in the United States, when provided by a municipal system, is the most highly monitored and safe supply in the world.


  1. Fifty percent of the water sold in little plastic bottles is tap water, but  it costs an awful lot more per gallon.