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Water Committee

Established in accordance with Section 15 of the Charter of the Town of Milton.

The Town of Milton has been vested with the power to “provide an ample supply of pure water for the Town and its inhabitants” through the acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of wells, tanks, water mains and other equipment necessary for the purification and distribution of water. The Town may also regulate the use and charges for use of water (Section 29, subsection a)8 of the Town of Milton Charter).

The Water Committee is composed of an indefinite number of persons. It is not a Charter-mandated commission or committee. Section 15 of the Charter says: “The Mayor may, with the advice and consent of a majority of the Town Council, for the proper administration of the Town of Milton, create committees and/or appoint any and all persons to such committees.”

Members of such committees serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council. Persons being considered for appointment to committees, ad hoc committees and working groups must first complete the Ethics Form (referenced in Appendix C of the Town of Milton Charter). Members of such committees and groups shall not be required to have their primary residence within town.

The current members of the Water Committee are as follows:

  • Councilman Fred Harvey, Chair
  • James “Sam” Garde
  • P.D. Camenisch
  • George Cardwell
  • Joel Berlinghieri
  • Greg Wingo, Liaison as Public Works Supervisor

The Water Committee serves the Mayor and Town Council through periodic reviews of water system issues and departmental practices. Together with the Town Manager and Public Works Supervisor, the Water Committee may develop and propose policies or changes in practice. Changes in administrative practices may be enacted by the Town Manager. Policies and amendments to the Municipal Code may be proposed to and adopted by Town Council.

Chapter 215 of the Town of Milton Municipal Code details most ordinances applicable to Water. Water Department revenues and expenditures are treated as a “proprietary” fund. The fund operates separate from the General Fund.

The Water Committee does not meet on a regular basis. All meetings are open to the public. Meeting notices are posted on the town web site and the bulletin board at 101 Federal Street.

In 2015, a Water Infrastructure Land Acquisition Committee was formed by Resolution 2015-008 as a AD HOC Committee for purposes of investigating and inquiring about potential sites for future water infrastructure.  Members appointed were those of the Water Committee.