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Milton Community Foundation partnership for Broadkill Water Quality

Date Posted: Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Hardworking Rain Gardens

The Milton Community Foundation is partnering with the Town of Milton to improve the water quality of the Broadkill River. A 2010 grant to implement best management practices for storm water has brought rain gardens to the watershed. The rain gardens diminish pollution in the river and provide an attractive and educational habitat for selected plants.

Local rain gardens can be found at H.O. Brittingham Elementary School and on the north side of the Milton Public Library. Another rain garden will soon be created in the traffic “island” behind the Library in Memorial Park.

The grant proposal (Broadkill Grant Proposal for Rain Gardens) details the objectives and progress to date (CWQIG Final Report-Milton Rain Gardens) was recently reported by the University of Delaware advisor to this project. In March, the Town Manager provided a summary of the next steps (Rain Garden Proposal March 2013). A site plan (Rain Garden Milton Library Site Plan 02 22 13) and the recommended list of plants (Raingarden_PlantList_recommendations) illustrate how the completed project will appear.

Work will soon begin on the project and its scheduled completion will be before the 10th Annual Horseshoe Crab Festival begins.


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