Milton Delaware


Town Charter

The inhabitants of the Town of Milton within the corporate limits as hereinafter defined in this Charter or as extended as hereinafter provided are hereby declared to be a body politic incorporated in law and equity and shall be able and capable to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, defend and be defended in all courts of judicature whatsoever by the corporate name of “The Town of Milton”, named after John Milton, the English educator, poet, philosopher, and proponent of public education democracy, and human rights.

The present boundaries and limits of The Town of Milton, as set forth in the revised Town Map dated January 22, 2008,[1] are hereby established and declared to be, as follows:

BEGINNING at a point on the Southwest prong of Paynter’s Mill pond; thence South 64 – 1/2 degrees East 2,892 feet; thence North 60 – 1/4 degrees East 139 feet to the run of Round Pole Branch; thence down the same to Broadkill Creek; thence up the same to Sand Haul; thence North 15 degrees West to Atlantic Avenue; thence with Atlantic Avenue eastward to the County Road; thence with the same Northerly to Bay Avenue; thence with Bay Avenue Westerly to the old Town limits; thence with the same North 15 degrees West to the public road leading to Delaware Bay; thence with the same in a westerly direction to the Western limits of the present Town; thence South 14 degrees East 3,951 feet to a point on the Northwest prong of the Mill Pond, aforesaid; thence with the same to the place of beginning.

The Council of Milton may, at any time hereafter, cause a survey and plot to be made of the said boundaries and may cause suitable markers to be installed at corners of offset, and the said plot, when made and approved by the Council, may be recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds in and for Sussex County, State of Delaware, and the same, or the record thereof, or a duly certified copy of said record shall be evidence in all courts of law and equity in the State.

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