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Comprehensive Plan and Maps

The Milton 2018 Comprehensive Plan

Making Connections Between People, History and The Broadkill

On behalf of the residents of the Town of Milton, The Milton Planning and Zoning Commission is pleased to present our community’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan.  This plan represents more than three years of intensive work that has engaged the people of Milton and has called upon the expertise of a host of topic-specific experts.  It also represents countless hours of training, study and writing undertaken by Planning and Zoning Commission members.

At the center of this undertaking was a series of community meetings, where several specific topics for this plan (such as our core values, the town center, Broadkill River, historic preservation, transportation, etc.) were considered.  We are grateful to the outside experts who provided information about these various issues and indebted to the many Milton residents who participated.   This plan reflect the dreams, concerns, ideas and aspirations of the people of Milton, shared during these community meetings and through an extensive town-wide survey.

During these conversations and through comments and views shared through a town-wide survey, the recurring theme of connectivity emerged.  Milton residents want to be connected.  They want to be able to safely and easily make their way through town to exercise, visit neighbors and make use of the growing number of businesses and amenities.  Miltonians also want to feel connected to the rich history that anchors the lives and personal stories of so many Milton natives that draws new residents to the community.  We want to hear stories of the community’s past shipping and canning industries and we want to see our history through careful preservation and restoration of our town’s rich collection of historic structures.  And, perhaps, most notably, the community has a deep and profound desire to re-establish and strengthen its connections to the Broadkill River, which occupies a place of primacy in the town’s emotional and physical heart.

The goals and suggested implementation strategies contained in this plan are geared to advancing the community’s expressed desire for connections that build a close and engaged community and that place us in even closer relationship with one another and with Milton’s rich historic, architectural and natural heritage.

This is the Town’s plan.

Milton Comprehensive Plan 2018 – Certified

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