Beginning July 27, through the end of 2022, the Towns Municipal Parking Lot on Magnolia Street will be closed for a drainage and bulkhead project. Alternate parking is available on Front Street. More Info

Parks and Recreation Committee

Established in accordance with Section 15 Of the Charter of the Town of Milton.

The Town of Milton has been vested with the power to establish and improve any park, watercourse or lake in town (Charter Section 20, subsection a) 3). It may also construct, maintain and manage docks, jetties and piers (Section 20, subsections a) 3 and 10).

The Parks and Recreation Committee is composed of an indefinite number of persons. It is not a Charter-mandated commission or committee. Section 15 of the Charter says: “The Mayor may, with the advice and consent of a majority of the Town Council, for the proper administration of the Town of Milton, create committees and/or appoint any and all persons to such committees.”

Members of such committees serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and Town Council. Persons being considered for appointment to committees, ad hoc committees and working groups must first complete the Ethics Form (referenced in the Town of Milton Charter). Members of such committees and groups shall not be required to have their primary residence within town.

The Town of Milton operates two parks. Memorial Park features a playground, picnic facilities, a large gazebo, a small marina and boat launching facility on the Broadkill River. Permits for groups to use the gazebo or for individuals to occupy the docks are available at Town Hall. Concerts are provided at no charge to the public on Wednesday nights through the Summer. The Lions Club operates a miniature railroad in Memorial Park, as well. This park is situated behind the Sussex County Public Library at the foot of Union Street.

Mill Park can be found on Mulberry Street. It features a fishing dock on the Broadkill River and, across the street, a boat launching facility on Wagamons pond. Attractive landscaping and a life-sized statue of the Poet John Milton can be found in Mill Park. Governor’s Walk connects Mill Park to Memorial Park. It features historical references to five governors who called Milton their home. Governors Walk is part of the Delaware History Trail.

The Parks and Recreation Committee was combined with the Streets and Sidewalks Committee in 2019, then split back into two-separate Committees on April 4, 2022.

The current members of the Parks and Recreation Committee are as follows:

  • Randi Meredith, Vice Mayor, Chair
  • Maryann Donnan
  • Carolyn “Kelly” Pettyjohn
  • Andrew Cacciatore
  • Scott Edler
  • Cathy Rion-Starr
  • Erin Willis
  • Greg Wingo, Liaison as Public Works Supervisor