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Human Resources

Section 18 of the Charter of the Town of Milton specifies the duties of the Town Manager. This includes “acting as personnel officer for the Town, including hiring, evaluating, promoting and disciplining employees and establishing procedures for others to follow in such matters.”

Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code further details the Town Manager’s role as Personnel Officer and the relationship with the Personnel Committee. “The Personnel System shall be managed by and under the direction of the Personnel Committee.” The Personnel System is comprised of Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code, the position classification system (26-4) and the wage and salary pay plan (26-5).

The Town of Milton is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Full-time employees are eligible for participation in State of Delaware pension programs, health insurance with cost-sharing, paid holidays and other benefits. A signed Employment Application and Authorization form (in hard copy) is required to be considered for a position. A PDF version of these forms may be found at the bottom of this page.