Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is established in accordance with Chapter 26 of the Town of Milton Municipal Code, “Personnel Policies”. The Personnel System shall be managed by and under the direction of the Personnel Committee. The Personnel System consists of Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code, the position classification code and the wage and salary pay plan (also described in Chapter 26).

The Personnel Committee shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall consist of not less than three elected Councilpersons. The Town manager shall serve as Personnel Officer of the Town and shall administer the provisions of Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code. In addition to other duties described in Chapter 26, the Personnel Committee shall:

  • Maintain, update and review the position classification and pay plan; and
  • Prepare and distribute to every employee an Employee Handbook – which shall contain provisions for and information about position title, pay grade, appointments and employment, employee benefits, vacation and leave policies, evaluations, discipline, termination and other personnel related matters.

Personnel Committee meetings are not regularly scheduled and may be called, as-needed, by the Mayor or Committee Chair.

The members of the Personnel Committee are:

  • Mayor John Collier
  • Vice Mayor Randi Meredith
  • Councilwoman Lee Revis-Plank
  • To be appointed at a later date