Sustainability Committee


The Sustainability Committee:

  • The Milton Economic Development Committee established a subcommittee on Sustainability in the spring of 2015. Members of the committee believe that it is an important topic for the future of Milton; that sustainability issues impact the economy of the town, its citizens, and local businesses; and that it will make Milton a more attractive community to visitors and potential residents.
  • The Subcommittee’s purpose was the conservation of our resources and the establishment of Milton as a destination for Sustainability as an example of what can be done by individuals and town government.
  • On May 1, 2017, Milton’s Mayor and Town Council  established a Sustainability Committee, independent from the Economic Development Committee.
  • On August 31, 2020, Milton’s Mayor and Town Council adopted the Sustainability Plan as a guide for the Town: Resolution 2020-013 Sustainability Plan,  Sustainability Plan


What is Sustainability?

  • Sustainability is satisfying current needs without sacrificing future well-being through the balanced pursuit of ecological health and economic welfare.
  • For the Sustainability Committee’s Power Point Presentation on what Milton can do click here: Sustainability.



  • Members will be appointed at a later date

Current Activities:


Future Activities:

  •    Water:
    • Promote the use of rain barrels
    • Pursue zoning and planning document changes to reduce impermeable surfaces
    • Promote the development of a water taxi service from Milton to Lewes
    • Track and reduce the per capita use of water
    • Pursue the use of a continuous chlorination process rather than the current batch process
    • Promote the development of rain gardens
    • Conduct a water footprint evaluation
  •    Land:
    • Pursue programs to increase the planting of trees in and around town
    • Pursue programs to increase the planting of native plants
  •    Energy:
    • Promote the use of home energy audits
    • Promote the use of energy audits for Town buildings
    • Promote the installation of Solar panels
    • Promote the use of LED lights in Town lighting

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